Own Technology

Ninja Fever actively develops its own technology to provide high quality products within a short schedule and competitive budget.

The company owns a proprietary game engine, improved in a daily basis to fulfill any kind of project, from fast prototyping to full featured games.


Key Features:

  • Cross-platform engine: PC-Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
  • Aimed for fast development cycles
  • Leaderboards and achievements integration: Swarm / Game Center
  • Batch rendering, optimized for mobile platforms
  • Blender exporters for scenes & assets

Current R&D areas:

  • New platforms: PlayStation Vita
  • New tools: 3DMax exporters, 3D Scene Editor
  • stereo 3D visualization

This project, and our current stereo 3D technology has been researched and developed thanks to the financing from the spanish Ministry of Culture.

3rd Party Tech Expertise

The company also makes use of industry-proven 3rd party technology depending on product needs, including industry-proven Unity3D engine and Adobe Flash.

Open-source Tools

Ninja Fever heavily uses open-source tools:

blender logo Blender is a powerful modelling & animation tool. We have built our own exporters and even use Blender as a level editor depending on project needs.

gimp logo Gimp is an image manipulation program. We use Gimp to make textures and logos for our games and also the website. We also use this tool to draw concept art and quick mock-ups to show potential look&feel of a game.

mantis logo Mantis is an excellent bug tracking tool. We even use it to schedule and track our weekly tasks. Combined with a good project management tool, Mantis is one of the best tracking tools for sure.

wordpress logo Our website is built on WordPress, the well-known blog & content management system. We also have an internal blog where every day our team members write the tasks they have worked on, and the problems and solutions they have found.